I never thought I would cross the Big Pond (Atlantic Ocean) or any other ocean in my lifetime. Unfortunately I sleep when I fly and missed the experience of flying over the ocean! LOL I loved Europe, traveling to Spain, then to Italy and back to Spain. I loved the people’s interaction with one another ( I’m a people person). The differences in their countries and our’s was amazing! When you’ve lived in one place (so to speak) and then go to another you are amazed that you thought every place was the same as your’s. The bottom line is, I had a wonderful time and the memories with stay with me forever.I can’t wait to set out on my next adventure, which by the way, I’m already planning. Thank you Desiree for the memories!

5 Star!

Thank you so much for your 5 Star services!

Angela F.


My experiences with Cedez Travel has been nothing less than awesome. Cedric has been wonderful with making sure that all needs were met, as far as flight, hotel, and comfort level. I will always use Cedez Travel in the future. They make traveling fun and hassle-free.

John Joseph Lee Jr


Cedric and Cedez Travel were phenomenal. They were very hands-on every step of the travel journey from beginning to end. The level of communication and attentiveness to our desires were impeccable.


Cedez Travel is the best at communicating when it comes to choosing a destination, booking the trip, making payments, providing answers to questions and detailed information about your trip before the trip, and post check-up after the trip! You can pretty much say Cedez Travel covers the WHOLE nine when it comes to vacationing. I was very pleased with my travel arrangements through Cedez Travel and I will definitely be traveling through them again!!!


We traveled with a group of greater than 20 people! We received text messages when others from another city arrived at the airport, we received detailed updates leading up to our trip and the payment link was secure and convenient. More importantly, Cedric was available for questions concerning any and everything, from concerns about my expiring passport to ensuring we packed enough insect repellent!! Prior to being introduced to Cedez Travel, I’ve had the same agent for 10 years. She’s a great agent, however, it’s similar to moving from business to first class. It’s just that extra attention that makes the experience that much better! I look forward to booking my future vacations with Cedez Travel!!